Ways To Boost Your Childs Learning Potential

November 20, 2021

School play a key role in building a child’s character, instilling confidence, strengthening academics and ensuring personal well-being. All bright, young minds need proper care, attention and guidance of parents to reach the pinnacle of success.

  • Read out loud: One of the most important things the parents can do is to support the children with the daily lessons taught in class and help revise them. They can also use this time to ask questions and discuss the answers. It is a great way to teach the make the children responsible for their learning choices, consequences and promote a positive learning attitude. 
  • Track what your child is studying at school: Parents should talk to their children casually and understand what excites them most about each subject. Speaking to their children’s class teacher about their performance and progress will provide insights into teaching-learning scenario in class. Parents must analyze and identify the areas they need help in and support them accordingly. Regular interactions with the teacher and conscious hand holding will help bring stability to the academic improvement in children.
  • Keep in touch with your child’s teacher: Parents should never miss any parents-teachers meeting scheduled in school. Such regular interactions will help them steer their children’s progress in performance appropriately.
  • Offer Rewards & Incentives: Rewards keep the children motivated to do their schoolwork and study well. A simple incentive, to offer a fun activity or their favorite toy once all homework and the studies is done will keep the children motivated.

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