Activities To Help Kids Develop Creative Thinking

November 20, 2021

Providing your kids with opportunities for play that stimulate their mind and their imagination builds and strengthens the synapses that are required for higher order thinking skills such as problem-solving, logical reasoning, organizing and abstract thinking.

What kind of skills do 21st Century kids really need?

    When children become confident questioners, they are on a solid path towards being deep, critical thinkers and innovators! Providing your children with novel experiences where they can experiment and play with creating different outcomes teaches them how wonderful it is to be brave explorers and how to get enjoyment when things go wrong!
    Understanding why something is the way it is, how one thing is related to another, the concept of cause and effect are crucial 21st Century life skills!
    Kids develop and maintain these skills through experimenting, asking why and noticing differences and similarities in every day and play-based situations.

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